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No hot water and live on the Northern Beaches? Don't despair. Rhys and his team have the right solutions for all your needs.

We are available at any time of the day or night so when you find the hot tap running cold call us straight away and we’ll sort things out for you. So what are the hot water options on the Northern Beaches?


When your electric system dies it’s a great opportunity to look at other more environmentally friendly ways to heat your water. It can be tempting to just replace the existing unit because that’s what you know but this style of heating is by far the most energy guzzling and expensive.


If you already have gas connected this is a really sensible option. Gas heating is reliable and less expensive than electric and can service a large family home or workplace. On the other hand you can basically rule this out if you don’t already have the gas on as it will be an expensive way to go.


This is by far the most environmentally friendly way to heat hot water on the Northern Beaches but there are some prerequisites before you sign up. The first thing – do you have enough sunlight to your place and the right amount of roof space to capture the energy you’ll need to service your property? We know what’s required so can help you decide if this is an option. Initially it’s the most expensive heating method but your hip pocket will benefit over the long run.

Getting reliable hot water on the Northern Beaches shouldn’t be a hassle. So before you decide which way to go ask us what we think because we know what works best and will give you the least trouble.

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